Building on Bitcoin is here, are you ready?
Building on Bitcoin is here, are you ready? Bitcoin innovation culture has been reawakened and it's time to build for the world’s largest, most liquid crypto economy.

Join the 'Ready Layer 2' Builder Competition, a Bitcoin Layer 2 Hackathon and Pitch Competition. Submit your best ideas, prototypes, and plans for new Bitcoin apps, products, and services.
A 19-Day Virtual Event
Day 1: Kickoff
The Ready Layer 2 Hackathon kicks off with an overview of the event covering the hackathon expectations, schedule, deliverable, educational resources, prizes, and introduces the educational tracks ranging from Bitcoin basics to sBTC and Nakamoto education.
Day 2-13: Build
While you are building on your hackathon project, weekly office hours are set in place, mentors will be hosting Q&As, and 1:1 sessions with mentors can be booked.
Day 16-19 Submission & Winners
You will subject your project via DevPost, where judges will evaluate your project, submit a final scoring and announce the winners via a live space on X.
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Bitcoin DeFi

• Let’s disrupt finance with transparency, security, and inclusivity. Reshape the world of finance by building your application on Bitcoin and be eligible to win this track!

• Workshops held by experts from our DeFi partners will be held throughout the event

• Join mentor sessions with people leading the DeFi movement in Bitcoin

• Gain direct insights from leading figures in DeFi through workshops, mentorship sessions, and Q&A forums!

Bitcoin x AI

• This dynamic duo promises unparalleled opportunities for disruption, creativity, and transformation.

• Get ready to push the boundaries of innovation and unlock new possibilities in the Bitcoin + AI track.

• Collaborate with fellow developers, AI enthusiasts, and blockchain experts to tackle real-world challenges. With prizes, recognition, and the chance to shape the future of technology, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

General Pitch

• Whether you're a seasoned technical expert or a passionate newcomer, this track is for everyone.

• Craft your best pitch deck for your idea and pitch! Code submission is not required for this track.

• Leverage the events audience and your fellow attendees to rapidly validate your idea, find a team, and hone your business model.


Over $17,000 in Prize Pool

  • $17,000 Prize pool in STX
  • Free tickets to Bitcoin Unleashed 2024
  • Digital Collectibles

Exclusive Opportunities

  • Automatic interviews with BTC StartupLab
  • Dedicated spot in N21
  • 1:1 advice from Special Mentors

Personal Benefits

  • Featured in Stacks Twitter spaces
  • Featured in recap blog post
  • Endorsement by judges and mentors.
Build on Bitcoin
Ready, Layer, You.
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